11 October 2016
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10 October 2016
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Carly Rae Jepsen has a perfect response to that 'hilarious' Instagram meme about her

Plug Carly Rae Jepsen’s name into Twitter or Instagram and you’ll be greeted with a peculiar sight: Dozens and dozens of comments narrating exactly what is literally happening in the photo, and crowning her for it. 

“Queen of wearing a T-shirt under a dress!” proclaims one. “Queen of holding a glass of lemonade” declares another.  Queen, queen, queen.  

“I don’t know when that started, or why that started, or how!” Jepsen told Mashable about the social media phenomenon. “But it’s pretty hilarious. My bandmates have begun teasing me about it. Now, I’ll be leaning on a wall and they’re like, “QUEEN OF LEANING ON A WALL” and I’m like [exasperated tone] 'Okay, okay.'... I’m actually a little shy about it but it’s sweet."     Read more...

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From: Mashable

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