23 August 2016
Your next iPhone screen could be curved and made by Samsung
Beyond iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus next month, we've been hearing rumors about a radically different 2017 iPhone, one that's made of glass and elegantly curved.Of course, some things never change. Sams....

23 August 2016
Silicon Week: Google's Tensor Processing Unit explained: this is what the future of computing looks like
When Google unveiled its Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) during this year's Google I/O conference in Mountain View, California, it finally ticked for this editor in particular that machine learning is th....

24 August 2016

iPhone 6 touch problems? The gray flickering is an epidemic


24 August 2016
Updated: The 8 best USB-C accessories, cables and adapters
Goodbye clutter, hello USB Type-COut with the old and in with the new, USB-C is the newest port on the block having found a way into everything from Apple's 12-inch MacBook to Dell's XPS 12 and even s..


02 July 2012
America: Life, liberty and the pursuit of an investment return
There are more reasons than one to celebrate the land of opportunity at the moment, aside from Independence Day on Wednesday. In the past few years, American companies have been the top performers ..


08 April 2015
TOP FORM by Emily Nathan
The New Museum presents a long-overdue survey of works by the pioneering feminist sculptor Lynda Benglis...

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